more than microhardness

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more than microhardness

More than microhardness

MHT Microhardness measurement program is available in five different configurations; each one tailed to meet the workload of the lab.
  • MHT-M : a fully automatic measurement system using a motorized stage.
  • DT-MHT : more sophisticated and fast auto-indentation measurements. High end metallurgical analysis capabilities are combined together.
  • MHT-Auto plus : more sophisticated and fast auto-indentation measurements and IFT(Indentation Fracture Toughness) are included. Analysis and measurement capabilities are combined together.
  • MHT-Auto : automatic indentation measurements and manual measurements are combined.
  • MHT-101 : A manual indentation measurements and basic manual measurements are combined.
Automatic and manual microhardness values are calculated for Micro-Vickers, Vickers, and Knoop. Even with distorted and irregular indentation form, microhardness values can still be accurately measured thanks to exculusive algorithms patented by IMT i-Solution Inc. Measurements are processed in real time. Measurements data, graphs and statistical analysis results can be exported to an Excel template with a single click of mouse. Several pre-designed Excel templates are provided. User-defined templates can be created as well.

Irregularly shaped indentation measurement
  • Irregularly shaped indentation marks are accurately measured with the patented algorithms from IMT i-Solution Inc.

Automatic measurement are quick and easy
  • Indentation marks can be automatically measured with a single mouse click or within a specified ROI even with etched specimens as well as delicate thin films

Fracture toughness measurement
  • Fracture resistance value analysis, using indentation technique, is carried out with the indentation fracture toughness tools in the MHT Auto plus, DT-MHT, and MHT-M packages.

Conveniently placed tools for accurate and fast measurement
The measurement tool window has clearly defined buttons for controlling manual and automated microscope functions. Precision control of various tools and lighting control are micro-adjustable using the keyboard.

Real-time measurement
The measurement results are displayed in real time.Various hardness conversion table by ASTM and hardness tester manufacturer are provided. If you define a standard hardness value, the suitability of OK or NG is judged automatically.

Measuring Results
Calibration can be made using standard microhardness specimens and a stage micrometer.

Generating reports
Statistics, graphs and a variety of measurement results can be viewed simultaneously. Measurement results display settings can be adjusted based on your needs.

Metal material analysis
DT-MHT program can also analyze the micro structure of the sample. After etching sample, the micro structure of the material can be analyzed together with a hardness value.

System requirements
  • Pentium IV or better
  • Windows 64 bit or 32 bit OS (Win8.1, Win8.0, Win7, Vista, WinXP)
  • 512MB memory or more
  • 500MB hard disk or more
  • USB2.0 or USB3.0 port

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